Jax. 21. Delawarean. Cisfemale, she/her pronouns. Poly, anxiety-ridden, abnormally charming at times.

Would be a glorious God-Empress except for the embarrassment about receiving tribute. I like feminism, trashy period dramas, fashion with a backstory, evening skylines, baritone voices, cute folks in suits, and cosmic horror stories. I mostly reblog things because I have negative talent with any sort of image editor.

My fandoms change daily. I do, however, post and reblog a lot of Exalted stuff.

You can find my feelsdump of a writing blog here. Sometimes I write stuff on this blog too, when I'm not doing silly Exalted cosplays.



Instead of glorifying violence against women, glorify violence against the foul xenos and the lying heretic.


Y’know, if people want to celebrate Sansa’s awesomeness with a gif of her slapping someone, maybe it shouldn’t be a 10-year-old child, maybe it should be an attempted rapist instead?


I just managed to punch myself in the eyebrow with an office chair while trying to bump its height.

I’m going to bed.